And todays post is being typed using Ubuntu Desktop edition

It’s on here as it’s switched on and I can’t be arsed to fire up the main machine again.

Ok, so cleaning man came round this morning to give me a cleaning quote, walked round with a clipboard, that’s one step away from wearing a hi-viz. Ooo, firefox doesn’t seem to have a spell checker built in…ah it does, it just wasn’t set to the right language. Anyway, he came up with 2.3 hours and two cleaners (they always work in pairs, a bit like breasts). With the price they can do it once a fortnight and it better be bloody good.

Work wise, playing around with more Android stuff. Getting it set up on the Ubuntu box, there’s also a solution I’m looking into for dev studio as well.

Managed to find a reasonable Mini-ITX board that was display stock, so got it for £50. It’s dual core and apparently only needs about 20 watts. Hopefully it will fit and work in the old proxy case. I think I may have found another board also that would be good for pfSense, but one thing at a time.

Went to gym, did combat, ran for twenty seven minutes afterwards. Now I’m going to eat salad and watch the Indian Grand Prix. Man coming tomorrow to give me a quote for new boiler and doing the bathroom.

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