Lets have fun with British Gas ‘advisers’, I’ll win

Ok, so back doing mobile game AI and a few things to do with line of sight. Nothing exciting. Anyway, had a response for the boiler fitting job from a chap in Cardiff, did lots of research, he has a good profile and feedback. He’s going to pop in next week and have a look. I know there are certain things that will need altering, the gas pipe is the wrong diameter for a start, the boiler will also need moving to a different wall due to the vent, it needs wiring for the pump overrun…I did my research and I can smell bullshit from a mile away. Also getting him to give me a quote for the bathroom update.

Bought a carpet shampooer and hand steamer, it was Groupon, I was in the right mood, and it will look good sat in the box when I Ebay it in a few years time.

On the subject of ‘free no obligation quotations’, I decided to let British Gas give me a quote. Booked in for 7th November. Did my research on them as well, found some job ads for ‘advisers’, ‘high pressure sales environment’, ‘commission based’. I love dealing with these type of people, I give them 30 minutes want the quote written down and say it’s completely non-negotiable, if they phone or call again and say they can give me ‘special offers’ it void’s their quote, if they say they give me a discount if I sign today, it voids their quote. If they say I can sleep with their brother, then may be there’s some room for discussion. I like sales people who turn up, quote for the job and then fuck off. They are the ones I buy from every time. Mr. Wall insulation bloke, turned up, did the quote, was quite open when I asked him who he got his money from (commission from the products) and fucked off. He got his commission. Then you get the other type..man turned up to look at fuse box, talked for 29 minutes about how I need a re-wire as everything was too old. He didn’t get to the half hour mark due to me starting to play with kitchen knifes and asking him to leave. Incidentally I found a brilliant electrician afterwards ‘Automation Electric’, Paul Hayes, fantastic chap “Automation Electric”. Then there was ‘Anglian Windows’…back in the old house. They rang up on the morning of the appointment and asked ‘will the main decision maker and bill payer be present’, to which I answered, ‘yes, but if you think I’m going to listen to three hours of high pressure sales and be expected to sign immediately then don’t bother’. He did the decent thing and didn’t turn up…

Also got another quote on Monday from a cleaning company, I have a feeling they are going to be very expensive. I got their number from a van that is on my dog walk route, it’s there every Friday, at least I know they turn up.

Right enough waffle. Bath time. Jamie is going to buy me a pizza from the new ‘Domino’s’ place.

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