So did my first teaching today

Today was a real hash. For reasons I’m not going into I had to make a mad dash out and then an emergency appointment for tomorrow. All will become clear later, actually it’s just remove remove a bit of stress that could come laster. Anyway, this afternoon, little journey out to what turned out to be a nice lady to give an hours tutorial on Ableton. It was a success, well, I didn’t cock anything up. Weather she has learned anything or not is another matter, I think she found it all a bit overwhelming to be honest. Never mind, she’s paid, hopefully she’ll book again.

Tomorrow I have two appointments, the first one is at the STI clinic, it’s just a routine check, joys of being on PrEP, not that I’ve actually had much action recently.

First official night off the wine and cheese, fine so far, mind you I did end up working making up for lost time until almost the end of the day anyway.

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