So according to Trainline you can be a 65 year old child

So yesterday I was going through my ‘to do’ list and the next thing (well not next, but got round to doing it) was to book my train to Weymouth in June. So created a Trainline account, did a search, found the best deal and then bought the tickets, thought it was a bit cheap at £18. Then the e-tickets arrived, quickly looked and it said ‘child’, that’s why it was cheap. Go back on the site and there in the very small print it says ‘child’. So it doesn’t default to an adult ticket, it goes for a kid. So now try and modify the booking, you can change the time, the day (all for an ‘admin’ fee of course) but not the person. You could even add an OAP rail card for the child. Only option was to go for a refund, but after said ‘admin’ fee and the fact that one ticket wasn’t refundable the total amount of the refund was £1.45. So I went for that. Tried then to book the correct ticket, this came to £38. So had a look on Uber instead, exact same ticket was £30, so bought it there. Decided I was going to contact Trainline and have a moan. Managed to get on their live chat first thing. Oddly they were very responsive and after explaining that their website was a bit shit, they actually gave me a full refund, ‘just this once’. Bet I’m not the first customer to regress back to a child.

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