Comes to something when you have a will to look after your thirteen year old dog

So went back to Unity and they actually had me down for an appointment. So got stabbed with a needle and took a swab of my arse. Spent a lot of the day doing accounts and admin stuff. Finally got round to my ‘will pack’ from Battersea Dogs Home. Sasha and Dillon are now taken care of in the event of my death. They are thirteen and eleven. Thinking they may outlive me is worrying.

In other news I’m making great progress on SSL certificates. I’ve now produced a CSR with both the firewall and backup firewall subdomains, produced a certificate and tested it on the pfSense box. Even got so far as now SSH into the firewall, pushing the key, pem and php script and then running the script to copy and install the certificate and restart the web interface. Need to do some bash magic server side now.

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