So after twenty-three and a half years I cancelled my gym membership

Sad day really, I’ve been a member of the same gym for almost as long as I had a mortgage. It lasted a couple of houses and several relationships, it was probably the most stable thing I had, but it was time to go. Times change. I’ve aged. My requirements have changed. I used to go almost daily, going between bouts of cardio and weights. Drove there, spent an hour running on a treadmill and then drove home again. Several years ago there were roadworks blocking it off, so since then I walked to it, for years. Other bits of life and other interests have just got in the way. I was down to just doing two classes a week and one of them keeps being cancelled. It just wasn’t worth paying the membership for one class. Summer is coming up, when generally I’d frequent it less anyway. Maybe in the winter my feelings will change and I’ll join up again, but for the moment I will just pay for any classes that I do.

So last night I had Chardonnay, it was a bit woody to be honest, but guess it made a bit of a change. I didn’t go mad, limited to what I was going to drink. I would rate the sleep as ‘average’, rather than ‘good’, but it’s far better than ‘none’. I’d still like to cut it down by another quarter, but that will be next week. I’ll stick to where I am for now. That will then mean I’m consuming less that two pints a night during the working week. Some may considerer that ‘too much’, for me it’s not, and what’s more it’s probably sustainable, which is what I’m after. Time will tell.

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