Welcome to toilet world

So we actually woke up early which wasn’t really much of a surprise considering we were asleep by about 11PM. That included rigorous sex. So anyway, made breakfast and had coffee. Then put the dogs in the car and drove to the kennels, got stuck in a mass of non-existent traffic jams, got there in the end. Sasha escaped, but was caught and was fine. We then dropped that laser off at a box in Almondsbury and then went to Tesco and picked up a tablecloth and some milk. Then once again it was on with the cleaning and setting up. Picked up Megan, who then got stuck in with even more cleaning. I then setup all the lights and the smoke machine. It’s now just waiting for Madonna to turn up. After a dry run I’ve shut everything down and Jamie started on the food. We have the cooker covered, the sink covered and all this bloody food and drink everywhere. I just had the vision of the guy on ‘The Apprentice’ going, ‘now I’m going to walk you round the shop. This is out toilet world..’, while pointing at three bottles of bleach. We have ‘dessert world’, ‘crisp world’, ‘cold meats that nobody will eat world’, ‘the bar’. I’m still tempted to get a bottle of bleach out, there’s a gap by the sink. So we finally retired upstairs to get a shower. To save time we both had a shower together and promptly had sex again, that’s two days running, that’ll have to stop. So now I’m in bed before I get changed, roll on the night, I’m sure good fun will be had by all. If not they can all fuck off home.

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