Reluctantly I had to say goodbye to the Class 4 laser

Spent basically the whole day cleaning and shifting stuff around. I still haven’t cleaned my office or done my tax return. I really must make some kind of effort tomorrow. Did get a bit of cabin fever though due to being stuck in with the god awful weather, so went to the gym for a good run. Came back and set the laser up. After reading all the specs, it’s actually a different one to what I ordered and is far too powerful for a home environment, it’s actually a full class 4 laser, which will cut through shit at close range. We have children coming to this party, so them leaving without limbs or eyesight may not be a great idea. So sadly after playing with it a bit with the smoke machine I’ve boxed it back up and it will be sent back tomorrow. Mother came round for dinner, all good. We are both having a bit of an early night now as it will be a hell of a long day tomorrow with all the setting up and then finally the doing. Then no doubt a hell of a lot of cleaning up the day after.

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