So Christmas is apparently coming

Started work later than planned. Usual Monday problems. Got stuck into it in the end though. Jamie may be working odd hours at the moment, but coming home, creating a bloody great fry up and then sleeping for thirteen hours leaving the kitchen in a hell of a state isn’t acceptable. I’ve just left it and piled on more mess. Walked to gym, did Combat, last one for a couple of weeks. Walked home and did a bit more work, actually a lot more work. Tested the white, it will be ready to transfer tomorrow. Put a load of F-connectors on RG6. The excitement, so I now have Freesat again. I thought there was Channel 5HD, there isn’t must of imagined it. Anyway it’s all setup now, including a satellite feed to the TV. That’s pretty much everything complete now, just need to set the speaker positions back up. And oh yes, need to wrap the presents, think I’ll wait for the kitchen to be tidy first.

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