Santa’s coming – hide

Had a horrible nights lack of sleep. Even being tossed off this morning didn’t really put me in a good mood. Thankfully total work contact today was restricted to a couple of artists and I initiated it anyway. Got stuck right into my compiler. Walked Sasha during about the only break in the rain in the day. In the end I worked until about 9PM. I don’t feel the remotest bit ‘Christmasy’. Did get a new bank account today though, after January first the government only guarantees the first seventy-five grand, so need to shift a shitload of money round. Rang the mortgage company, she wanted to know how I was going to pay it off, I said I’d let her know in six years and seven months and it would be a surprise, she wasn’t impressed. Oh well, no more work until next year, it would be better perhaps if that wasn’t just a week away.

Looking forward to the next couple of days anyway, my mind isn’t in a great place with very much lack of sleep and far too much alcohol, but that’s all mothers fault. Will be nice to see the in-laws tomorrow, it’s always a spectacular Christmas lunch when served with Yorkshire puddings and mash, at least we are not taking the dogs this year, so will be less chaos. Then Sarah’s on Saturday, which will mainly be a demonstration of how to down about six bottles of wine in as many hours. Then I’ll be at a bit of a lull. I’m hoping for some decent weather over the next week, as I still have the worlds most pointless license and nowhere to use it. Bah Humbug.

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