A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

So this morning I was planning on bottling the red, but got a call off Ben who asked if I wanted to go flying this afternoon. So I washed out the bottles and started on sorting out the bookshelf. Mainly boxing up old books, removing the total crap and dusting everything. I now have somewhere to put all my helicopter books. Drove up to Staverton, Ben had already done the Check A and fuelled, so we attached the GoPro’s and off we went. Flew to Lucknam Park hotel, which has a pretty good field to land in, including a handy windsock. We had a massive head wind on the way there so took ages. Paid six-fifty for two coffees and then flew back with a massive tail wind in about twelve minutes. Good fun, if somewhat windy. Drove home and finished the bookshelf, as a bonus I did the one in the lounge as well. Still need to dust all the CD’s and DVD’s. Bottled the red. Then we went into town to watch the new Star Wars film, ‘The force awakens’. As Jamie said, ‘It was very Star Wars’. It pretty much followed the standard formula of all the films. I never expected Jabba the hut to do full on anal with Leia though, that was very strange. And I don’t know how much Mark Hamill got paid, but it was probably by the second. More dusting and cleaning tomorrow, plus that tax return is still somewhat looming.

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