Dirty dancing

So most of yesterday morning and part of the afternoon was spent in bed, mainly arguing about what hotel we should stay at in Miami. We did eventually get up and walk the dogs, just in time to come back an be picked up by my sister. A very good evening with much hilarity, mainly due to plenty of beer and wine and that bloody ‘heads-up’ game. The clue for ‘dirty-dancing’ somehow managed to trigger the words ‘anal fucking’ and other such fun things. Even mother behaved and somewhat enjoyed it. We must do it all less often, roll on Easter.

Today I spent a while in bed catching up with an absolute stack of reading of various bits. I also wanted to avoid going downstairs as Sasha had overdone the bone eating and the dining room had turned into a vomitorium. I never knew so much runny shit could come out of one dog. She’s been fine all today. Jamie finished work early so we disappeared up The Mall for a bit. All there was there was people and traffic. Stopped in Tesco on the way home and picked up some food for me as I forgot to order anything to eat for this week. Played around with the new GoPro, that all works nicely. Transferred the red and cleaned some bottles, that’s all ready to do tomorrow. We are now going to have a bath together and probably argue about that hotel again.

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