Okay, so it was very live, I’d like to see the directors balls

Started this morning grumpy. Which was odd as very few people were around to annoy me. Traced a rather fun bug to do with sub-classing templates, not a great idea, as I found out. Anyway, sorted that out. Last lot of shopping arrived. Weather was nice so took Sasha for a long walk. Came back and then did another platform version of the compiler. Walked to the gym, did the last Pump class of the year, walked home and did a little more work. Did the accounts. Watched the making of the sound of music live thing, and it really was very much live. Much respect for the technical team, doing online editing with seventeen cameras without fucking it up takes some seriously large testicles. Ate salad. So tomorrow is the last work day of the year, got something quite fun to work on I guess. Then it’s Christmas. It’ll be my 43rd, never liked Christmas really, it interrupts the working week.

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