Then I started coughing

After a very disappointing film last night, that only lasted 25 minutes before I decided it was awful and switched it off, I went to bed. It was called ‘Severance’, I may give it another blast.

Woke up this morning sounding like I was losing a lung. Don’t know where that came from but I hope it pisses off. Working still on shader conversion, it’s one of those tasks where you leave any joy at the door and just get on with it. I’m probably about half way through it, at least it’s a dull job to get on with on Monday.

Walked the dog. She’s coming round to the idea of spending time in my room now. Actually she’s here now, which is pretty good considering Jamie is in his orifice. She does get the odd biscuit in here though. May be it was because we had a nice walk today. See what the weather does tomorrow. Mother wants me to go with her to look at tumble dryers, I’m sure that will be exciting. I may offer to drive as I don’t really want another near death experience, I haven’t got over the last one yet.

Meant to be having a BBQ tomorrow, want to get some firewood from somewhere.

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