We don’t invent a new wheel, we just change the tyre

So I had every good intention of going out for some good walking this evening. Instead it started pissing down at about 2PM and hasn’t really stopped since, so I haven’t been out at all. This is rather annoying as I now feel fat. I really need to start going running again, but when it’s hot out it’s not very pleasant. Anyway, pump tomorrow at the gym and then hopefully have a more energetic weekend. Shopping being delivered again tomorrow.

Work wise, lots of shader conversion work from one platform to another. I was speaking to colleague about conversion work and said, ‘We don’t invent a new wheel, we just change the tyre’. Which I thought for a Thursday was very deep. It’s true though, as each new platform comes along, you end up doing the same stuff over and over again, just in a slightly different way. Still, it can be quite fun though.

It’s torture porn night, but I think I may go for an episode of ‘En-devour’ first.

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