If I wanted bland food I could get it more locally

So started this morning with sex. Actually no, I started this morning sweating. Followed by more sweating. Still have a chest infection so don’t exactly feel on top of the world. Jamie let the dog out and got me breakfast, he always put’s too much milk on the bran-flakes. I drank the coffee. I then banged away like a road drill on granite for about fifteen minutes, okay, I wasn’t really that into it, just not in the mood. Jamie created a mess and it was all over.

I then got up and cleared up all the dog shit, interleaved with mowing. I mowed the front as well. Had lunch, eggs. Then loaded up the GPS. Headed over to Iron Acton. Found first cache straight away but there were two old biddies gassing right by it so had to wait for them to bugger off. Then spent about half an hour walking round a field in the wrong place. Got back on track and managed to find another seven, not one ‘did not find’, so over fifty now. Also picked up a couple of ‘travel bugs’ that I will need to relocate soon.

Came back, had a shower. Then it was time to head over to ‘The White Lion’ to use the voucher I won at last weeks fate. Haven’t been there for a long time and it’s had a bit of a makeover. Problem being it’s now a chain serving fairly generic shit. I only had to pay six quid which was to be honest about all it was worth. If I wanted to eat bland crap I could do so much closer to home. Still, it was a meal out. Read my trip advisor review for all the gory details.

Must be bath time, I’m stung to crap. Why do all these geocaches have to be behind mile of fucking nettles.

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