I ran out of Flora

Working on shaders still, not a compiler this time but actual shader code. Not the most exciting thing on the planet but it needs to be done. Drank lots of coffee, cleaners arrived, full of the joys of spring. I was tempted to offer them my Prozac. Jamie made me a sandwich, it was very light on butter. Worked through lunch, then headed out. I took the car and plonked it at Frenchay. Had a good rummage there and found another three caches. Couldn’t find one more but I think I found the remains of it, which is a shame. See what the weather does tomorrow.

Decided that if I left the butter situation until tomorrow I would have to stop work, go and get butter then make a sandwich. This would be somewhat inconvenient, so I just popped out and bought Flora. I may have bought some cheese and crisps as well. Right, I’m done for the day, shower and wine I think.

Oh, took the dog to daycare, she’s still ignoring me.

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