Red Squirrel Day

Got up. Actually got up fairly early for a Saturday. Now I didn’t have to do any shopping. So I popped the dog in the car an we shot up to Almondsbury. Found a great fully enclosed and completely empty field, so let her off her lead. She ran off at an incredible speed. Thankfully every time I called her back she came though. She’s a hell of a mover, she can really shift.

Came back and had some lunch. I loaded up the GPS with sites around Westbury-On-Trym. I then headed over and parked in Henleaze. There were no sites near here so I headed for Westbury. Now last week when looking around this area I noticed that the junior school fate was on this weekend. This is Westbury-On-Trym C of E E school. It’s now actually an academy. I will have left this school thirty years ago in September. It seemed somewhat smaller, may be I’ve just got fatter. It’s also grown two port a-cabins, which are rather ugly. I went into one of the class rooms, the old black boards have been replaced by a projector. It just seemed all so small, thinking we used to get about forty kids in there. Even the field where I’d spent endless football sessions just walking up and down looked about the size of my lawn. I bought a tenners worth of raffle tickets on a stall, I think it was thirty tickets. I one a whole load of tat, bottle of wine, candle, wallet, some sowing kit and some tea bags. I then sat down for an hour and watched some really badly organised tug-of-war. I bought a tenners worth of tickets for the main raffle, there was an iPod shuffle up for grabs. I then went and bought another load of raffle tickets, I won more wine and candles. Then when the main draw was announced, I didn’t win the iPod, but I did win two prizes (the only person to do so), I won a months trial membership of David LLoyd and a meal for two at the White Lion, so I think I made a profit. It was a fun afternoon I guess, it just seemed to be much better organised when I was there as a kid. Still, fun memorise. I imagine all the teachers who were there when I was there are all past now or in their 80’s. I never did get to any caches.

I came back home, had a coffee and then re-partitioned the network, I’ll rabbit about that tomorrow.

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