Okay, must admit, I do like a little man doing the shopping for me

Still on shaders, the good news I’ve finished the first pass on the compiler, it now produces a shader binary output that I can reload. So more fun work on it next week.

Mid-morning, doorbell goes (dog removed to garden) and ‘Tim’ appears. ‘Tim’ appears far too jolly. But brings three trays of shopping which was ordered online. All I have to do is put it away. I’ve paid for six months of deliveries, I have a feeling I may be extending this. One thing though I will have to peruse the shopping list more carefully, as Jamie has access to it. This I found out to be by mistake as I started putting away a small ‘Angel Cake’ in the cupboard, together with a whole selection of ‘cheese nibbles’. Talking of which I forgot to order cheese.

Walked the dog. Went to Body Pump. Came back and did some more work. Pizza and bath time. Good week, lots of good work done.

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