I can be quite generous

So started this morning earlier than I would have liked, thanks to the dog insisting I let her out, followed an hour later by her further insistence that she be fed. I had breakfast and a coffee, so at least I was vaguely coherent (a lot more than I am now that’s for certain). I got up. As I no longer have to do shopping I harnessed up the bitch (the dog not Jamie, he was at work) and we tootled up to Alomondsbury, to her favourite field where she was let off her lead an behaved impeccably. We walked back, she was fairly tiered, two poo’s along the way, the dog that is not me. Got back, I then ventured out, oddly back to Almondsbury where I picked up some firewood after collecting a paper and some cash.

Had lunch. Then ventured out with my GPS. Parked up and picked up some crickets, then moved over to Coombe Dingle. Searched for four and found three, these were all fairly tricky and enjoyable, I’m up to 46 now. I’ll by a t-shirt when I hit 50.

Went over to mothers, where she showed me her leaking shower. I then drove her to Curry’s, I could live without her driving, okay, I didn’t slow down at roundabouts, much to her annoyance, but I took have taken them a hell of a lot faster, we were well within safety limits. I bought her a tumble dryer, she paid for the warranty. Generous? Well, what’s a hundred and fifty quid to me, loose change really on the face of it. It made her day, plus I now get some more nice fruit cake, which to be honest is fairly priceless.

Came back home and did the accounts. I’m actually down this month, probably due to Japan and paying for the deposit on Turkey. Started up the BBQ. Got it all going nicely, took the radio outside, had a few beers, made the dinner. It was all nice. Then retired to the bath, watched ‘Chase & Status’ live streaming on the iPad as I was in the bath. It was fantastic, I really wish I was there to be honest. I’m now sat down about to watch ‘The Rolling Stones’. I’m already completely plastered, well into the Glastonbury spirit.

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