Turkey – Time to say goodbye

Ok, so failed yet again to get up for breakfast, but did end up having a three hour cuddle, which was nice considering Jamie’s and my weird shift patterns this very rarely happens. Even if it does the dog gets jealous and wants to join in.

So we got up, found a sun bed then had lunch. Came back and I decided it being the last day to take part in one of the activities. So air rifle it was. I’ll never be accused of murdering anyone with a gun, although my first shot got the single highest score of anybody, my other two were only vaguely near the target. I’m sure my mother would say that I get a little bit of that from her as she used to be a hit-man you know.

So after my gun toting was over I decided that I didn’t really want to sit around the pool for the rest of the afternoon. They only play 80’s music and certainly not the best part of the decade at that. I was somewhat intrigued by these white column things on the other side of the bay, plus I needed to get a fridge magnet. I actually left the hotel.

To cut a long story short, Gumbet is awful. It’s wosrse than the Costa’s, makes Lanzerote look like Paris for sofistication. Anywhere which highlights its menu with being able to serve real HP brown sauce, you know you’re in a shit hole. Anyway managed to find a suitably tacky gift shop to get a fridge magnet, I was a bit spoilt for choice. But I was safe in the knowledge that if I ever did want a full English breakfast (with or without HP sauce), it was available for under two quid. You could come here with 100 Turkish lira, spend all day eating fried food, get pissed and watch the football without any fear that you’d ever left Bolton. You could even get a few more tattoos. Still, if you are 18, have no taste and are on a budget of a fiver, you will have a hell of a time.

So, walked the seven miles up the mountain and took some nice photos. The white towers turned out to be windmills. So I stood there, overlooking the Aegean thinking that actually it’s a nice view. Not a bad place after all, then thinking, just take a moment, as never in my life again am I going to be standing here taking in this view. Deep. I then walked the seven miles back and downed two bottles of lager.

Packed up most of the suitcase. Had a shower. Tonight it was back in the buffet restaurant. Better selection this evening. I had chicken something with something else, followed by cake. And now once again we are at the pool bar. Ayhan, is still here, our favourite barman, I’ll give him another tip before we leave. It’s karaoke over at the other bar, I just know it will be full of pissed Germans. And then we will call it a night, and call it another year in Turkey.

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