Well at least it’s stopped raining

Oddly last night I went to fill in my paper diary. I guess I will archive it at the end of the year as usual, move the last year into an envelope never to be read again.

So today worked a bit on iOS again, still seem to have an odd crashing problem on iPhone5, which is fine other than I don’t have an iPhone5 so just have to keep guessing, but looks like some sort of logging thing causing a string to malloc badly. Anyway, I’ll work through it, no immediate hurry it seems. Then it was back onto the audio lib, where I did manage to implement what I wanted, so got that out the way. Only a few bits to do now and it’s completely finished.

Here’s one slightly odd thing, since I’ve been keeping this blog either my spelling has improved or my vocabulary has dropped to about fifty words that I know how to spell. It used to be no end of red underlined words, at the moment the going is pretty good, the only thing under lined is ‘iPhone5’ and ‘malloc’, now those are added to the dictionary not a red line in sight.

Took dog for a walk. Went to gym, admired where bus had hit the bridge right outside the turning for the gym.

Bus hits Gypsy Patch Lane railway bridge

Ran. Enjoyed pikeys unable to start their tar-mac van in car park. Came home. About to play with dog, then eat Salad. It’s torture porn night tonight, so glass of wine and a bad film.

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