So one hour back, It’s raining and we are ignoring each other, normality resumes

Actully made it to breakfast this morning, it was a miserable sunny 28 degrees. I had cornflakes and some cheese, also coffee. Couldn’t really find anything else there that took my fancy. Anyway, that started the bowels moving.

Transfer arrived vaguely on time and was painless, so was check in really. To be honest considering it was an Easy Jet flight and we just couldn’t be arsed to queue so got on last it was, very, uneventful.

Decided not to pick up the dog until tomorrow as I need to do the shopping so won’t be able to take her out for a walk, plus it means we can have one final meal in peace.

Came back home, one credit card bill, one bank statement, one lot of business cards from Vista Print. Unpacked, put the washing machine on, did the accounts. I seem to spend a lot less when on holiday than when at home, I think this means I should go away more often.

Jamie is in his room, no fapping tonight but some skype call about mega sonic porn or something. I’m contemplating writing my trip advisor review, having a bath and phoning mother. Then drinking wine, probably while on the phone. It helps the conversation flow, not that I need to say anything. I’m sure she has a full list of things to tell me that I have no interest in followed by a whole host of jobs that need doing, followed by the fact she can’t afford her MOT.

We’re having an Indian tonight I think (as in meal, we arn’t doing any weird fetish, I’m not in the mood) probably with the Singapore GP.

Normal service resumes tomorrow.

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