Any more rain and I’ll need an Ark

Can’t really rant about anything today. It rained a lot, that was about it. Everything else was dull, but went pretty much according to plan. Did some audio lib work, after a lot of careful thinking I decided to keep software audio mixing app side as it’s just so flexible you could end up with a ton of code that doesn’t do want you want, so just added hooks so you could do you’re own streaming to a buffer. I want to add some more complex samples to it, but for the moment it work’s just fine. Also I think I’ll use the same system for close linking as it’s just to awkward any other way.

Then came across a fun issue with crashing on iPhone’s running iOS6. There appears to be a bug in the new OS, if your app is locked to landscape mode and an on screen pop-up requires portrait it just crashes. Thankfully Apple have produce a workaround, so that should be the end of that.

Installed VMWare again, and installed a copy of XP Professional. It’s a genuine bought disc which ran on a machine which died many moons ago, but it wouldn’t go through the ‘Windows Genuine Advantage’ thing, found a useful tool called ‘muBlinder’ that appears to work fine. I don’t mind Microsoft adding these checks, but when you do have a genuine original disc, it does piss me off a bit. It’s now busy installing about 4 million service packs, before I can do what I want with it anyway.

One bit of amusement in the gym, heard the faint Pikey accent, thought no, I won’t drop to stereotypes, until one of them then said “I’ve got a great job on on Sunday, 100M of tarmac”, a grin appeared across my face as I put my back in a locker.

So, gym done, not so long tonight, will do a longer one tomorrow night, now a few more service packs and salad and bed. And no, I still haven’t finished the Singapore GP.

Did watch a pretty good film in bed though, you can read my thoughts on my other blog “The Torture Porn Movie Blog”

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