There’s going to be a phal smell in here

So, busy day. Started off going to Tesco’s meeting up with Sarah as she wanted a couple of laptops for the boys for Christmas. They only had one in Bradley Stoke so had to tootle off down to grotty Eastvile and get the other one. Then did the shopping, pretty uneventful, I bought some printer paper, see, uneventful.

Came home, put the shopping away and had toast. Then made arrangements to go and do a couple of home checks, one in Southmead the other in Henleaze. So went and did those two, then parked up in Cotham and walked into town, just in time for the shops to close, although HMV was still open, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it closed. Picked up some new torture porn.

Went and visited mother, she’s losing her memory, but could still remeber the words to ‘Lord is my shepard’, I did remind her that she didn’t really need to know the words for the occasion it would be used at. She made fruit cake, I approve, she makes nice fruit cake.

Jamie is out fapping with blue people. So I did the accounts, about to have a shower and then will cook my tea. Which tonight consists of chicken, in a Phal curry sauce, with onion, peppers and extra chilli’s. It will be interesting and possibly quite terrifying. Tomorrow may very will be a painful day.

Ended up watching quite an unusual film tonight, check out my review “Closed circuit extreme”

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