Darwin had the right idea

Today I started doing battle with iOS and XCode again, thankfully my colleague knew what the problem was so managed to produce test flight builds again, although I can’t add any new devices without cocking the whole key chain thing up, so I’ll avoid that if possible.

Then it was on to some PS3 work, well an SDK update, which basically means lots of downloading, building installers and hanging around for compiles, it’s a pretty brain dead activity, but I was having a pretty brain dead kind of day.

Met ugly fat bitch with abusive husband again while out walking dog (this time without husband, as he was probably back inside due to his asbo). By god she’s got a gob like a fog horn, this time her dog was off attacking someone else’s while her teenage daughter was stood in the middle of the path blocking it’s entirety with her hips while texting. There must be something to be said about removing these peoples benefits and then praying for a harsh winter, natural selection can then do it’s thing. Mind you there would then be certain parts of the country like ghost towns.

Cleaner hasn’t turned up in ages, I’m now up to me knees in dog hair. Jamie refuses to put anything into dishwasher or wash anything. He thinks if he just leaves stuff out it will magically be put away. It won’t. I can go all week with one cup, one knife and one t-shirt, so I’ll always win that battle.

Here’s my trip adviser review of the WOW Bodrum Resort

Went to gym, ran, unexciting. Played with dog. Now it’s time for salad and the Singapore GP (Yes, I’m still getting through it). Then I must carry on with that rather gruesome film I was watching in bed, and I don’t mean Jamie sleeping.

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