I need some curtains altered but I don’t want to sell my soul

Started off this morning with sex, well not full on, but a bit of fapping. Jamie then went to work, I thought it was his day off. Actually this morning started rather strangely. I got up at 6:15 and took Dillon to daycare. I then went back to bed. I had a dream….Jamie and I had an argument about him being fat, I then ended up smashing a house up, which was shaped like a goldfish bowl. I then broke the cooker. I must lay off the cheese.

Work wise was all about threading and optimisation. Basically on a console processing five render threads at once works fine, on PC due to DX locking everything everywhere it’s actually slower. Still, console is my problem, DX isn’t. I’ll carry on doing what I’m doing.

Walked Sasha. Picked up Dillon. Went to Pump. Bottle the rest of the red, yielded twenty-nine bottles, not bad at all.

Now, the curtains I have are 90 inches long, they need to be 87 inches long. This requires someone with better seamstress skills than me. Now you will ask, “Why don’t you just ask your mother?”. Well, it’s because I will then be indebted to her forever. Okay, it may have been traumatic for her to give birth to me, but it’s been traumatic for me ever since. She only took me the cinema seven times as a kid and all our holidays were shit. She would do the curtains for me, she’d talk about it a lot, then phone me at least five times on the subject. Then the demands would start….I need a TV aerial cable running under the floor from my bedroom to the kitchen, I want my ceilings painting, I have a leak on my roof, my tyres keep going down, my shower is leaking, my virus killer needs updating, I don’t know how to sell stuff on eBay, my knees hurt, I’ve got a bunion, look at my swollen ankle, I’ve got £15 in my bank account and an overdraft bigger than the US debt ceiling. Well if you stopped buying Dennis Basso coats and Kim & Co shit that you never wear you may be able to afford to eat. “But I need the telly to work in the kitchen, that’s where I sit and eat and I need to watch QVC or I might miss some complete tat.” “Any chance you can wire up a TV in the loo, so if I’m taking a dump I won’t miss the Christmas special.” She hasn’t worked out yet that she can stream the lot on her laptop anyway. I don’t know why one person really requires no less than four TV’s, multiple freeview boxes and cable. I bet it’s so she can have QVC on one, Bid Up on another, plus two spares for any other junk. “The only thing I have to look forward to is boxes arriving”, Oh there’s one box I am waiting to arrive dear.

I’ll find someone else to alter the curtains.

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