Okay, I’m beginning to get the hang of these model heli’s

This morning started off with a couple of deliveries. A Blade MSRX and a Blade CX2. The MSRX is a micro fly-bar less single rotor heli. It’s an awesome little beast. It was a bugger to control until I got it fairly well dialled on the Dx6i. I can now hover it fairly well. It really is fun to fly and a step up from the co-axials. Talking of which the CX2 has all the extreme upgrades and all the metal upgrades. This means it weighs a ton and lumbers into the air like a tree. It is however fairly stable. The gyro’s off a bit as it rotates. Again, need to set this up and bind it to the Dx6i. Will see then if it has the same gyro problem as the other one. I do have a new head-lock gyro to fit the that one.

Work was lots of profiling. Very dull, but needs to be done at this stage.

Went to Pump. That completes four weeks of every weekday at the gym. I’m still pretty much the same weight, but I’m getting a lot of definition back. I’ve lost a hell of a lot of fat off my legs and the top half is more defined. The middle bit is still somewhat lard like.

Anyway, bath time after I empty the dish washer. Flying the R22 tomorrow. See how my hovering is.

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