“I’m sure the boiler is tapped off before then”

So yesterday started with breakfast for three, well me and two dogs. Cruised a little porn, read the paper etc. Then got up and flew some heli’s around the kitchen, great fun. Had a text from Captain James asking if I could turn up earlier. So I walked the dogs, wolfed down a sausage roll and then drove to Staverton.

I went through the check-list while James booked out. He jumped in and I fired her up. In Charlie Delta this week. The airport was really really busy, everyone was taking advantage of the good conditions. We had to take off to the Southwest for once, normally we had to the North. This was pretty cool as for the first time I did a circuit over buildings, I flew right over Cheltenham racecourse and over Tweksbury Cathedral. Did a complete circuit including some climbs and descents also did an auto-rotation. Then returned to the airfield for some hovering. Much better this time, did some take offs and landings. Even parked it back at heli-flight, good enjoyable lesson. Hopefully night flight will go ahead as planned next Friday.

Came back and then had a bit of a model evening. Repaired my CX3. Also added the gyro to the CX2, that’s still crap. Had a good couple of hours fun anyway. Did the accounts. We then went to the Italian and had a nice meal. Came back and played on the XBone. Went to bed.

Woke up far too early this morning. A bit dehydrated. Had a bit of a lazy morning, made the mistake of going back to sleep. So I had a dream. I was changing a fireplace for a radiator. I was there trying to work the bloody thing out. My dad was there, my mother, Tom, other people, lots of dust sheets. The conversation got on to weather the gas was tapped off before the fire for the boiler. So various test were done, and it wasn’t which meant that I had to block it after the boiler tap. Plus the fire didn’t have a return supply for the water. Okay, I could have had a really horny dream banging the Harries Twins, but oh know, I have to dream about radiator installations.

I got up after failing to turn Jamie on. Mind you he does remind me somewhat of a Turkey, fattening himself up for Christmas. Put the third coat on the walls, all good. Had lunch. Second coat on the door frame. Then got on to paint the coving and the arch. Looking good. Long day though, didn’t finish until gone nine. Had a bath, drank far too much wine. Jamie is still pissing about so can’t even get the dinner on yet. Fun week of work ahead, but should be a cool flight at the end of the week. The dining room is progressing, another few weeks should finish it. That’s about two years.

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