My skirting boards look like they are covered in poo

This morning started with another weird dream, I’m sure it had something to do with Tesco’s but thankfully can’t remember it much.

Bit of a strange day for reasons I won’t go into yet, but it may involve sacrificing some chickens. Work was mainly threading, renderer type stuff. All going to plan, if a little dull at the moment.

Went to combat, that was fun. Did more work. Got back into Twitter so I can stalk people. Think I’ll have a quick glass of wine to settle my head then have an early night and do some reading. Can’t really get into the GP qualifier.

Oh yes, the skirting boards, staining them maple didn’t really work, looks like the dogs have run their asses down them. Ordered a tester pot of a dark brown, will just go for paint instead. Get the bloody thing finished after about two years.

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