It’s so cold even the dogs have decided that malting is not a good idea

Today started late. Working mainly on physics stuff, that is profiling it and doing some optimisations. Made a nice change from render stuff, which no doubt I’ll be back on tomorrow.

Walked the dogs, well walked Sasha, Dillon refused to even have his coat on.

Went to spin, gave it all. Did more work. Installed R22 SP1 on the iMac, will give that a good blast tomorrow. I have a night flight tomorrow which I’m looking forward to. It will be cold. Talking of cold, it’s bloody freezing. I’ve turned the heating down as gas is far too expensive. Paint sample arrived, it’s kind of a dark chocolate, put it on the skirting board, looks fine, so I’ll get a pot made up.

It’s interesting that mother requires a TV aerial which will cost about £100, which she doesn’t have. Yet, she’s still managed to order a rather ugly dress she doesn’t need from QVC for half that amount. This is why I won’t do anything about it.

Christmas is coming, which I haven’t really thought about. New year is coming which I haven’t really thought about. All the kennels are booked up anyway, so doubt we will be going anywhere.

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