Considering the weather was a tad dodgy I got a lot done

Okay, so this morning didn’t exactly start with a bang. Two cups of coffee and a shit later I was firing on all cylinders. Walked Sasha until it rained, which to be honest, wasn’t that long. Did a hell of a lot of video editing. Then decided it was finally time to shift all the shit out of the guest bathroom. Spent several hours moving things around, built up quite a sweat. It wasn’t until this evening when I ventured out for an hour or so and did some Pokemon Go. It’s amusing the people you meet, I spent ages battling one gym, against some people who you would think would normally mug you, it’s kind of bringing people together in a strange kind of way. Did some more video editing, had a bath and now making a curry.

Okay, I admit it, I am missing the messy ‘other half’. It’s kinda quiet and less distracting than it should be.

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