I’m getting the hang of this ‘passengers’ thing

Started this morning fairly early, I think it was due to going to bed at a reasonable hour. Coffee, paper, porn, usuals. Then route marched Sasha for a couple of hours, picked up some more Pokemon. Had a quick bite and then picked up my dear friend Laverne. She’s one of my oldest and closest friends, we have known each other for about fifteen years and there is very little we don’t know about each other. To say she was nervous was an understatement, we drove up to Staverton and she did what she does well, talk a lot. We got to Staverton and the Red Barron was already out doing circuits. I checked in with Ben and we did the paperwork. We were soon on the tarmac and getting Laverne into the ‘copter. GoPro was setup and off we went. She was absolutely silent for probably about twenty minutes. I told her that she had to keep breathing. By the time we got over to Wales she was fine and chatting away again and enjoying the view. We flew down to the old Severn bridge and then dipped down into the Wye valley back to Gloucester. She really enjoyed it. Had a quick beer with Ben afterwards and drover her back. Went in search of a few more Pokemon. Had a bath. I enjoyed this weekend, very relaxing.

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