If the police were out looking for terrorists today, they would have had no chance

Started the way I like to start Saturdays, in bed. Drank coffee, had breakfast and read the papers. Finally got out and took Sasha out for a two hour route march collecting Pokemon. Came back and recharged everything, a light lunch and then headed towards town. There was a ‘gathering’ at Castle Park for Pokemon hunting. I parked up in Cotham and walked down. The park was absolutely rammed with people, all head down in their phones. Most had wires going from them into backpacks. Police would have had a field day searching for bombs. It was a very pleasant atmosphere. I worked the hat and appropriate t-shirt, no one else did! I saw one other hat and that was it. Spent about an hour and a half there walking about. With a few tricks I managed to go from level sixteen now up to level twenty, quite pleased with that. It’s a hell of a jump though up to level twenty one. Walked back to the car and picked up a couple of bits for mother and dropped them off. Got some minor flight planning to do, weather looking good, new victim to take up tomorrow.

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