The most painful thing today was trying to get my nipple ring back in

Did a few hours work this morning and then drove to the hospital (private one, I don’t do NHS). I got there about twenty minutes early. Filled in the questionnaire about the MRI scan and before I got to the bottom of it I was called in. I wore sensible gear (tracks bottoms and a t-shirt) so didn’t have to change into a gown. Straight onto the gantry and into the doughnut of doom. One day they will invent and MRI machine which doesn’t sound like it’s a bloody road drill. The massive noise is caused by the coil expanding, it’s almost like it’s tearing itself apart. Over in about twenty minutes then straight off to the X-ray department. Had a couple of those done as well. All very quick and very efficient, you won’t get that on the NHS. Spent more time sat in bloody traffic. Walked Sasha, very nice out today. Walked to Pump. Spent an awfully long time trying to get my nipple ring back in, it’s always been a tight fit, after a hell of a lot of persuading I managed it. Can’t get any of the balls back on though, so shove a plaster on it for now. Will have to wait for Jamie to come home. He looks like he’s having fun in San Diego. I’m now about to have a pizza and get thoughrly pissed.

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