I think I’ve got the hang of this Pokemon Go thing now

So started this morning without an early start for once. Shame Jamie wasn’t here to join me. Had two cups of coffee and breakfast, then read the paper. Finally got up and took Sasha on a route march. Three hours that poor dog got walked around while I was building up experience and more catches. Came home for lunch, a phone recharge and a chance for the dog to have a drink and collapse under the table. Then finally ventured out. Bought some crickets. Attempted to walk into town but didn’t get that far as I spent about an hour on the Downs and another another at Whiteladies Road battling and collecting Pokemon. Hey, I’m level thirteen now and half way to level fourteen, I will get there tomorrow for sure. Stopped in Tesco’s for mother. Then stopped at mothers. Was surprised that she was belting around without the aid of her walker thing. She was actually in pretty good shape. I’m sure it’s not long until she will be driving again.

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