Insomnia (and I don’t mean the Faithless version)

Had the most appalling nights sleep last night, very restless. Still, started work early. Spent some time looking at a suspend issue and the rest looking at some odd visual artefacts, which at the end of the still are still there. Started a spreadsheet with weight, body fat and lots of maths. Now the interesting thing is the weight is dropping but the body fat percentage isn’t dropping at the same rate, this possibly means that I’m not losing fat but muscle and other items. So I’ll give it a week, as I’m probably just losing water and stuff at the moment, then need to closely monitor it. I don’t really give a shit about the actual weight figure, it’s the body fat percentage I’m more interested in. Considering all the internet resources about nutrition, it should be fairly easy to sort it all out on a bloody spread sheet. Walked the dogs, finished work at a sensible hour and then went for a walk for two hours. Had a shower and ate salad, also ate some crisps. Shouldn’t have really, but I think I’ve eaton less than a thousand calories today. Hopefully will sleep better tonight.

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