So I could find a grass airstrip in the middle of nowhere, but almost failed to find Hereford

So got a text from captain James, do a route to Hereford with something halfway. So stayed in bed for far too long and read the paper. Finally printed out the wind spot and weather charts and then did the flight plan. Arrived at Staverton a bit late due to an accident on the M5. James revealed that he still didn’t have his certificate, so this was another un-loggable freebie. He checked my flight plan and all was good. We set off fine and I soon found the airfield. Hereford however was slightly to the left of where I had planned, mind you it was big enough. The way back was fine though, landed all without any issues. A very good flight. Drove back home. We took the dogs to a field and then had a BBQ. I listened to old EDM while warming by the chimera, or whatever it’s called. Now time for a bath and the Grand Prix qualifier.

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