Off to a good start

So weighed myself this morning and lost both weight and body fat, not a huge amount, but heading in the right direction. Started work, today was all about depth. Now depth can be stored in two ways, one is ‘linear depth’, so this is the distance in view space divided by the far plane. Simple as that. Then you have the other form of depth, which is in projection space, or projected depth. This is a kind of log depth or basically a depth stored which has greater accuracy the nearer you are are to the near plane. Now the fun comes when you want to convert from one to the other. As you may not want to store linear depth, but it’s very handy for certain distance calcs. On the other hand you may store linear depth, but you actually want projected depth if you are doing inverse projection calcs. So that was my day, it all worked in the end apart from motion blur, not sure whats up with that yet. Walked both dogs. Did a home check for a kitten and then went for a run. Ate salad. Got a new book to start on tonight, it has nothing to do with Hitler or plane crashes, so will make a nice change.

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