Happy 3rd anniversary and the death of the other blog

Can you remember that I actually run two blogs? No, neither can I. Today the domain for the other one expires, so if you’ve never read thetorturepornmovieblog.com, your opportunity has now vanished.

It’s also the 3rd anniversary of this blog, and it’s still going strong.

So this morning was all about one Jira bug. Five hours later and I was none the wiser, looks like some sort of memory trasher. Cleaners came, I kept Sasha inside and actually she was quite well behaved. Walked both dogs. Walked to the gym, did Pump and walked home again. Then spent a couple of hours redoing some input layout code. This is stuff which maps vertex declarations to shaders. Very dull. Made a good job of it. Captain James texted to say he had a plan for the weekend if the weather was shit. Back to more shader work tomorrow.

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