Ibiza rocks

So yesterday we wondered into town, I bought a new jumper from SuperDry, did okay on it, label said seventy-five, I paid fifty, no idea why. We spent the evening with my sister and brother-in-law. Low key affair in a fairly quiet pub. We had nice food and saw the new year in fairly sedately, but to be honest, no one was really up for a balls out party, so it was exactly what was required. We did make some interesting plans though….as Jamie is going to Orlando with his sister, I plan on going to Ibiza with mine. It’s still in the planning stages yet, we both need to work out dates. But it will be nice to go there again (okay, I didn’t quite make it to that part of Spain in my youth, but came fairly close). I think the days (or even nights) of spending seven of them in some super-club are well over, but I think we could manage one and then visit some of the legendary bars along the strip. It would also be nice to hire a car and do a bit of exploring. As I said, still in the planning stage and we need to sort the logistics, but it’s certainly something I want to do before I die (at current rate that’s about October).

Started this morning fairly late, Jamie was snoring his head off well past midday, I was reading a good book since 9AM. But when he did finally open his eyes we started the new year off with a big bang. That’s January’s quota fulfilled. I then started on the joy which was my tax return. Spent two hours ‘gathering data’, then had a very late lunch. Spent the next hour actually filing the thing. They owe me over three grand. Then did all the other filing and sorted out the filing cabinets. Did the end of year accounts. Decided that I’m still unable to retire.

The weather today has been awful, cold and wet. I walked Sasha around the block, but she was happy to come home, jump on Jamie’s couch and go back to sleep. Tomorrow it’s due to be brighter. I have the day off as it’s a Bank holiday. No real plans. Tidy up the office and put the vacuum round it I think. I’ve already got the new wall planner up.

I don’t do resolutions or any crap like that, but lets have some fun and hopefully make it to 2018. If not, then I’ll just say,’It’s been enjoyable in parts.’

Depression is a weird thing. You can have an enormous amount of money, a property portfolio, a good job, a pilots license, a dick the size of a horse and family and friends that love you (some of those things may be inaccurate), but you still want to get up (okay, if you get that far) and jump under a bus. It’s very much time for a new adventure, I never wanted to be a computer programmer, I wanted to be a lumberjack, swinging from tree to tree.

Oh and welcome to 2017.

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