So today I failed to do my tax return

Had some weird dream this morning, can’t honestly remember what the hell it was about. Got up early as the Tesco delivery decided to be super efficient and arrive ten minutes early. I had a whole stack load of stuff to do today. Started with breakfast and coffee which I cut to a few minutes. Then it was on to transferring the Chenin Blanc and then bottling it, then transferring the Voigner and bottling that. Then getting the Pinot on, all in all, took four hours. Had lunch. Walked Sasha. It was now very dark. Sat down with a coffee and watched the second part of that Agatha Christie drama, it was very good. Tidied up the office a bit. Completely failed to get anywhere on my tax return. So sort of failed the day and finished it about five hours behind schedule. Fuck it, they can refund me three grand a day later.

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