Well I’ve sorted a few things at least

Okay, so didn’t get up massively early, but it is technically the last day of my holiday time off. Walked Sasha for two hours, she’s going to have to get used to her fifty minute jaunts again now. Came back and took down all the Christmas decorations and packed everything away. Shunted a load of stuff into the loft. I have a small annoying water leak on the main tank which I’ll need to keep an eye on. Booked an online doctor’s consultation for tomorrow. Updated my CV, sent it off to a couple of agencies I usually use. Did a bit of Googling and found an Indie developer who’s site made me smile, sent a CV to them. Everything is sorted now for starting work again tomorrow. Am I looking forward to it? No. I’d really like to stay with the existing company and just do something completely different, but I guess that’s not really an option. Lets see how things pan out.

As it’s the last holiday day and I’ve incorrectly calculated the number of tomatoes required, I’m having pizza.

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