According to my mothers lounge Jamie and I don’t exist

Had a bit of a restless night last night, and chipped a nail. Anyway, started this morning with a laptop catchup and coffee so no harm done. Walked Sasha. Then headed out for a home check. This guy was a military helicopter pilot, the conversation soon turned off cats. Came back and had a light lunch. Drove and parked up by town. Walked into town, had a wander round.

Yesterday after visiting mother Jamie pointed out an odd thing that I’d never really noticed. We’d been sitting in mothers lounge. He said that you would have thought that she only had one child. The only pictures that exist of me in there are the ones where I’m a fat fuck with my chins almost on the ground at my sisters wedding. You need to venture to the unused dining room to find a picture of me, and nowhere does a picture of Jamie exist. This has given me a marvellous idea for a Christmas present….

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