Why do I want to go and photograph empty tables?

So started at the last day of school, which of course I wasn’t actually at. There was some sort of leaving party. But I forgot to take pictures. Did go back in the evening though as it was all still going on. I just wanted to get a few photos of empty tables just filled with crap on them (I know that sentence is a paradox). Then I woke up. Bit of a rough night actually, brain all over the place.

Spent the day doing PC GPU analysis, bit different I suppose. It’s been bright out but fucking cold. Walked to Combat, walked home. Already finished work, so ate fairly early for me. Played around with single chip PC thing and now having popped many pills I’m having an early night. I look forward to tonights dream, if I’ve over mixed Zopiclone and 5-HTP with my packet of crisps it may be the last one I ever have.

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