So we went to a divorce party

Started this morning with the usual round of coffee and papers. Gave Sasha a nice walk and then we headed out. A bit of an odd one this, going to a party to celebrate a divorce. But what makes it more odd is it the divorce of the mother of my dead ex-girlfriend. It was nice to see everyone again, Karen, Hollie, Joe, Lisa etc. But there was one big elephant in the room which we were all avoiding. The last time we were all in that house together was for Nat’s funeral. Still, time moves on. Came back and popped into mother, sorted out her router, she is now on the internet again. Jamie pointed out a fun odd thing… her lounge she has pictures of everyone, my sisters wedding etc. but not in one place does she have a picture of Jamie and I. So I’m going to get her a nice big picture of the two of us for Christmas. Went to Cribb’s. Had a bath and drank wine. Blah, fun day I guess.

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