I watched a lock fill, it was truly fascinating

Okay, so Jamie may have gone into work at 5AM but I had no plans to be up like a lark. I didn’t get out of bed until gone 11AM. But my excuse was that I was resting my leg. Walked Sasha and bleached my teeth. Then I drove up to the outlet centre at Gloucester Quays, it’s not as impressive as the Swindon one, but somewhat closer. I bought some shoes, you can never have enough shoes. We walked around the docks and there were two narrows boats in a lock. I stayed there until the lock was full and the boats floated out, never seen the process before, it took about twenty minutes but was indeed fascinating. Jamie looked bored solid. Went out to have another unsuccessful attempt at finding one Geocache. Did the accounts. Got my suitcase down from the loft. Two fun weeks of work left.

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