The oldest guy in the skate park

Started this morning with the plan of giving my leg a rest. So started with coffee and cereal. Read the papers. There was a new Geocache so headed out to that one and found it after about twenty minutes of searching. Today was the official opening of the local skatepark. So I got on my bike and cycled down there with a leg which was absolutely killing me. I managed about an hour of buggering about in bowls and to be honest I surprised myself in how much I could actually pull off. I got asked by several five year olds (or that’s what they appeared to be), if I was part of the ‘display team’. I just smiled and thought I could be your grandfather. Retired the bike to home and walked Sasha. Came back to the skatepark later and actually watched the professional team, was very good. Then walked to Almondsbury and did a home check for a dog. Came home and decided it would be great if we ate out. To cut a long story short it took over three hours to get two pizzas and a dessert. The poor girl was on her first shift on a Saturday night and that place is woefully understaffed. I gave her a fiver as I think it will probably be her last shift as well. It’s a shame as the food was actually pretty good and very well priced. I’m about to have a bath and will look back on the fact that at the age of forty-four I can still hang around a skatepark on a BMX and not look a complete dick. It’s probably because I’m short.

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