I think the compression is working, or maybe sitting on my arse is

So spent the night in compressing tights, it’s kinda kinky, maybe fishnets tonight….anyway, leg felt better this morning and my balls no longer ache, so I think it’s a step in the right direction. Work was using that bloody laptop again and what was a bigger ballache (back to them again) was doing timings on it. It was quicker to edit on main PC, shelve the code and then un-shelve and build it on the laptop than it was to do the edits on the laptop. Still, got to the root of the issue in the end. Still have a lot of work to on it. Walked Sasha, it was bloody freezing today, even if the sun was out. Walked out this evening and it was freezing again, finally found a Geocache I must have spent over two hours looking for on five separate occasions. Started watching ‘The night manager’, going to have a shower and then get into the next episode.

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