Then blew up

So started this morning after a bit of a heavy night of psychosis and screaming to be confronted by a completely dead server. No email, no printers, no web server, no fuck all. PSU had gone bang. So stripped down another PC and took out the PSU, that one had the wrong ATX connector. Found by very old proxy server and ripped the PSU converter board out of that, couldn’t find the external adapter for it (after thinking about it, I think I used it on the new one). Ended up jamming a massive external PSU into it, it’s all balanced together on strips of cardboard but magically it fired up. Ordered new case with PSU, when it arrives I’ll rip out the PSU and swap them over. I’ll then probably get another PSU and build a spare server. After all that dilemma, work got on my absolute tits, walked Sasha, came back and lasted about ten minutes, I finished at 3:30, I just had had enough, the constant moaning from everyone and the assumption that we are doing fuck all just finished me off for the day. I did poke a few odd things but just couldn’t be bothered. Cycled to the gym, did Pump with very light weights, I’ve been so pissed off today my groin has been the least of my worries. Drove to Westbury-On-Trym, picked up my click and collect that should have been there Saturday and some Flora. Now halfway through ‘The night manager’, getting well into it.

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